About us

With almost 100 years combined experience, we offer expert advice on airlines, packaged tours, insurance, visas, car hire and accommodation. A Utopia travel experience shouldn’t cost the earth. Cheaper airfares and better deals on accommodation are out there if you have the know-how to find them and the right contacts in the industry. At Travel Utopia, we have both.

Experience is everything.  

Want to visit Fiji?  Our travel agents know the difference between the budget accommodation at Robinson Crusoe Island and the 5-star luxury of Luacala Island. 

Europe?  We know the ultimate places to stay in the most remote coastal towns. 

Want to combine Asia with Canada?  We can provide simple solutions to the most complicated travel itineraries.

At Travel Utopia, we like to stand out from the crowd.  Our distinctive services include wedding registries, gift vouchers, corporate and premium travel as well as unique sports and events packages.

Our experienced team takes care of all the fine print, including insurance and transfers, and we offer guidance on visas, immunisation and family travel. 

We work harder to find better deals on airfares, with fewer stopovers and convenient travel times. We have industry contacts in remote areas of the world, making your accommodation and car hire easier to manage. Whether it’s a private charter flight or a group trip to Wimbledon, we’ve got the know-how and experience to make it happen fast.  

Getting to know you is all part of designing a perfect holiday.  We always have time to listen to requests, concerns and questions, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant.  If it’s important to you, it’s important to us and that is why our customers keep coming back.  

Our Utopia, is giving you and your family the ultimate, Utopic travel experience.